Wujin Chu G’86, GR’87
Seoul National University

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Wujin Chu graduated from Seoul National University with a BA in business administration and the Wharton School with a PhD in marketing. After graduating from Wharton he had joined MIT as Assistant Professor and UC-Berkeley as Visiting Associate Professor. He is currently Professor of Management at Seoul National University. Professor Chu’s primary research interest is in application of economic models to marketing phenomena, particularly in channels of distribution. He has also been active in conducting research in inter-firm trust in the global auto industry. He has published numerous articles in Marketing Science, Journal of Marketing, Journal of Marketing Research, Organization Science and Journal of International Business Studies. In 2003, he was cited by Journal of Marketing Education as the second-ranked professor in the Asia Pacific region in terms of research performance. Also in 2010, he was selected to receive the JIBS Decade Award, which is given to the most influential paper published in JIBS ten years after publication, for his paper on the global automobile industry. Professor Chu has also consulted top Korean companies such as Samsung Electronics and Hyundai Motors on marketing strategy, and government agencies on industrial policy. He currently serves as President of Korean Academy of Motor Industry.