Seoul MBA Admissions Presentation
Wednesday, 26 May, 19.00h
Hosted by J.J. Cutler, WG97, Director of Wharton MBA Admissions and Financial Aid

Each year, Wharton MBA Admissions travels to over 70 cities around the world to meet with some of the 7,000+ candidates who apply to the School each year.  At these events, prospective applicants have the opportunity to learn about the School from admissions officers and, more importantly, from alumni.
This year’s admissions presentation in Seoul will be held in conjunction with the Global Alumni Forum.  We invite alumni to join to share their experiences with attendees, as it is through interaction with alumni that most students determine Wharton is the right fit for them.
Alumni involvement is informal and requires no preparation.  To register, please visit AdmissionsConnect, using your WhartonConnect ID to login. Any questions, please contact