Professor Kee Taig Jung GR'92
College of Business, Kyung Hee University

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KeeTaig Jung, Ph.D., MBA, is currently a professor of health services management at Kyung Hee University located in Seoul, Korea. He established the Medical MBA and undergraduate-level health services management programs for the first time in Korea in 1997, and is also the founding director of the Health Care Industry Research Institute. Dr. Jung’s research interests lie primarily within the fields of health insurance and industrial policy and strategy for enhancing the overall healthcare industry.

Dr. Jung’s recent studies and consulting projects have aimed at selecting and developing healthcare industry as the 21st century neo-growth engine for the Korean economy. His dynamic activities include advisory roles for the Presidential Committee of biomedical industry advancement during the old President Roh regime and the Ministry of Finance in designing bio-medical clusters, and have lead to the foundation of the Presidential Council for Future and Vision for the new MB Lee Administration in 2008. Dr. Jung was also involved in attracting world-class hospitals into Korea’s free economic zones via WTO DDA.

Dr. Jung’s scholarly background and significant achievements are as follows:

Ø Received his MBA from Cornell University (1988) and Ph.D. from Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania (1992).

Ø Was awarded the dissertation grant from the Merck foundation (1991).

Ø Received the best article of the year award by the Korean Association of Health Policy and Administration (2000).

Ø Was awarded the distinguished faculty award by the Korean Ministry for his sabbatical leave at Stanford Center for Health Policy (2001).

Ø Is an adjunct fellow for the Leonard David Institute of Health Economics at the University of Pennsylvania (1992 – present) and the Center for Health Policy and Center for Primary Care Outcomes Research at Stanford University (2001 – present).

Ø Was awarded an honorary native of the Jeju Island by the Jeju Special Independent Province Government for his efforts of stimulating healthcare systems of Jeju (2005).

Ø Served advisory board of the healthcare sector for the Transition Committee of President-elect MB Lee (2007) .