Prime Minister
Republic of Korea

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Chung Un-Chan was appointed Prime Minister of the Republic of Korea in September 2009.  Prior to that, he was Director of the Institute for Research in Finance and Economics at Seoul National University, where he had served as the University’s President from 2006-2009.  A noted economist, Dr. Chung has a Economics from Princeton University, a Master’s in Economics from Miami University and a B.A. from Seoul National University.  He has held multiple academic positions, including Dean of the College of Social Sciences and Professor of Economics at Seoul National University, as well as visiting faculty positions at Ruhr-Universität Bochum in Germany, the London School of Economics and the University of Hawaii.  In addition, his former appointments include: President of the Korean Social Science Research Council; President of the Korean Economic Association; Chairman of the Financial Development Committee for the Ministry of Finance and Economy; and President of the Korean Money and Finance Association.  Dr. Chung is the author or co-author of numerous publications, such as Principles of Economics; A Decade Since the Foreign Exchange Crisis: Changes in the Korean Society; and Theory of Deposit Insurance.